Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lobster, and Some Housekeeping Matters

I will begin taking and posting pictures on the blog as soon as I find my camera's memory card. I feel your pain...

Also, while I was writing the CSA post, below, I remembered that here in Boston, as elsewhere, the price of lobster is plummeting due to people wanting to cut back on spending. I've seen it as low as $5.99 a pound here. This is bad news for Maine, but good news for me. Whoever thought that cheap winter comfort food could be lobster? According to chowhound, lobsters have the thickest shells and the tastiest meat in late fall/early winter. I think I might be on to something. And, if I were to go out and get lobster for dinner in an effort to save money, I would undoubtedly go to James Hook to get it. James Hook is a Boston institution, right on the water, and cheaper than the grocery store.

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